Bulk SMS Offer


Purchase 1,00,000 SMS in any category and get extra 10,000 SMS absolutely free of cost.

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  • Messages are send with the Senders Name (as Sender Id)
  • Delivery to all cellular circles and Networks in India, GSM / CDMA
  • Different customize messages to various mobiles can be send in a single click
  • No need to a attached any phone/ SIM or download/ configure any software
  • High Delivery Speed with parallel connectivity
  • Delivery Status Reports
  • Smart Phone Book (Direct desktop Down loading / Uploading)
  • Group Messaging
  • Annual Scheduling of Messages
  • Multifaceted Scheduling
  • Logs of History Reports
  • Admin Control for Downline Users
  • Follows Global Security Standards
  • Services even thru HTTP / XML , SMTP or SMPP
  • Trusted collaborator
  • Economical and Cost effective
  • 24 x 7 support

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